UK Government failing on AI regulation

The UK Government have published their vision for “Establishing a pro-innovation approach to regulating AI”. The Policy Paper outlines a sector-specific approach to regulating Artificial Intelligence, with the intent of leaving this technology mostly unregulated and “enable a targeted and nuanced response to risk”. It also states that there are no plans to introduce a new statutory framework of rights; instead, UK regulatory authorities will be left with the task of implementing a set of non-binding cross-sectoral principles if they decide to regulate a certain use of AI.

According to the Government, this approach is meant to promote innovation, and it comes right after a former DCMS Minister in charge of the UK digital strategy announced that “no business with under 500 staff will be subject to business regulation”. A new Minister for Digital, instead, blamed GDPR bureaucracy for a “shortage of electricians and plumbers” during the Conservative party conference.

In light of the above, our answer to the AI consultation was a useful opportunity to take stock of the UK Government approach to digital regulation, and articulate how and why they are failing to deliver.

Automated decision-making and the UK Govt broken promises

In the response to Data: a new direction, the Government promised that they would not have pursued the proposal to scrap the right to a human review of solely-Automated Decision Making (ADM) under Article 22 of the UK GDPR. This came as a result of the many requests to do the opposite of what the Government

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