Uber Downplays Data Breach Impact, Claims No Sensitive Data Stolen

Earlier, Hackread.com reported that the ride-hailing service’s corporate network was breached, after which several engineering systems and internal communications were taken offline.

It was also reported that Uber stopped its employees from using Uber’s dedicated workplace messaging app Slack and launched a probe into the incident. Here are the latest findings.

It all started when a hacker, who claimed to be an 18-years-old male, accessed Uber’s communications system after hijacking a worker’s Slack account and compromising various internal databases of the company.

Message posted by the hacker on Uber’s official Slack channel

The hacker blamed Uber’s weak security for successfully compromising its databases and provided screenshots of the company’s internal systems as proof of the attack.

The hacker went on to contact the New York Times claiming that he hacked Uber for fun and has its source code in his possession, which he might leak soon.

Screenshots of Uber’s internal system leaked by the hacker Investigation Details

According to Uber, the investigation is still underway, but there was no evidence that the hacker accessed sensitive user data. Furthermore, all Uber services, including Uber Freight, Uber Eats, Uber Drive, and Uber, were fully functional on Friday. The latest update is that Uber’s internal software tools are also online.

Uber stated that it is in contact with relevant law enforcement authorities and has collaborated with the FBI for an in-depth investigation. In a tweet, the company said:

All of our services including Uber, Uber Eats, Uber Freight, and the

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