Twitter sues Indian government over strict law

Twitter goes to court to sue the Indian government. The government demanded that the microblogging service remove a number of tweets because of their content. Twitter complied, but is now taking legal action to ensure it cannot be forced to do so again in the future.

That reports The New York Times.

Twitter wants to prevent a repeat

According to the American newspaper, Twitter had until last Monday to delete a number of messages. It is unknown what kind of tweets were involved. What we do know is that these did not go down well with the Indian government. If Twitter did not heed this call, legal action would follow, the government threatened.

To make sure that the request wouldn’t harm the company, Twitter decided to pick eggs for the money. The microblogging service took the tweets in question offline.

The stocking is not over with that. To ensure that the company is not faced with the same dilemma again, Twitter is going to court. In this way, the American tech company wants to legally enforce that the Indian government cannot force the company to delete tweets in the future.

Tech companies are afraid of government censorship

Last year, India introduced new internet laws. This gives the Indian government more control over the content of online content. If something is said on the Internet that offends the government, it can force technology companies to delete the message, or hide accounts. If they fail to do so, executives can face criminal charges.

Critics think the new laws go too far. They are afraid of government

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