Twitter Engineers Can Tweet as any Account Using ‘GodMode’ Claims Whistleblower

According to The Washington Post, a new Twitter whistleblower has come forward, confirming the alarming evidence from last year regarding the dismal status of the company’s privacy protections and stating that the company continues to break the law under new owner Elon Musk.

Engineers On Twitter Can Still Tweet As Any Account Using “GodMode”

Three months after Musk’s takeover, the former employee informed members of Congress and employees of the Federal Trade Commission that any Twitter engineer could now activate an internal program known as “GodMode” and tweet from any account.

Reports say the FTC, which is still speaking with former employees, received the complaint in October from the nonprofit law firm Whistleblower Aid.

After an event in 2020 where teenagers broke into Twitter’s internal systems and tweeted as Elon Musk, Barack Obama, and others, worries about the platform’s security. In 2020, Twitter management claimed that the bugs had been fixed, but the whistleblower denies that.

“After the 2020 hack in which teenagers were able to tweet as any account, Twitter publicly stated that the problems were fixed,” reads the complaint. 

“However, the existence of GodMode is one more example that Twitter’s public statements to users and investors were false and/or misleading.”

“Our client has a reasonable belief that the evidence in this disclosure demonstrates legal violations by Twitter,” the new complaint says.

After meeting with the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the FTC earlier, the whistleblower spoke with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday. Due

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