Twitch Source Code Leaked Online Along With Streamer Payout Data

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Updated Links to torrents that contain 128GB of data seemingly pulled from the Amazon-owned Twitch streaming service have been posted to 4chan.

Without a trace of irony, the anonymous poster described Twitch as “a disgusting toxic cesspool,” and linked to the data, which they alleged contains the source code for the Twitch site, references to a Valve Steam marketplace competitor called Vapour, other bits of released and unreleased software, and data on payouts made to Twitch creators.

Twitter user Sinoc229 posted a lengthy thread detailing the content of the files. Elliot Padfield of creator “incubator” Padfield Ventures, who’s also had a browse through the documents, told The Register: “I believe the leak is legitimate… the codebase appears to be real.”

Padfield was less sure about the per-user earnings, which he reckoned would cause a lot of drama: the figures given run into millions of dollars for Twitch’s top streamers over the past two years from paying subscribers and other

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