Tugboat Logic Essentials: The Security Foundation for Startups

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A Strong Security Foundation Starts With a Smart InfoSec Program

One of the first stages of security maturity for organizations is simply getting secure. This starts with an Information Security Program– the policies and controls that form the foundation of your security as a company. Maybe you just started your company and want to get the essential security controls in place. Maybe you’ve already been hacked. Regardless, getting secure can be done by taking practical steps, with expert guidance, to ensure you’re covering the basics in your security posture. 

For Startups That Care About Security

Tugboat Logic Essentials is a security policy framework designed to simplify the process of creating your InfoSec program. These policies and controls are modeled after best practices from the Center for Internet Security and the Cloud Security Alliance and cover all seven categories of risk: Customer, Governance, People, Regulatory, Resilience, Technology, and Vendor Management. Essentials will help you get through this first stage of maturity quickly and painlessly, while providing

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