Tugboat Logic Celebrates Pride

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Tugboat Logic is committed to diversity and inclusion, and we want to acknowledge and celebrate all the voices and experiences across our company. Last week, Tugboat Logic kicked off Pride Month … A Time to Reflect, to Observe and to Celebrate. It started with an internal blog looking at the history of Pride and discussing the importance of diversity within our company. But then it became something more significant and extraordinary. 

A Tugboat crew member planted a seed of an idea that has grown into a month-long celebration. Led by this same crew member, his husband, and four exceptional guests, we hosted a roundtable conversation. It was a remarkable event that almost all of our team attended! The stories shared were both funny and gut-wrenching but, most of all, moving.

Throughout the rest of June, Tugboat Logic embraces and celebrates the uniqueness in all of us. Through internal posts, we’re encouraging visits to historic sites in Canada and the United States and diving deeper into

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