Trust Part 2: Your Biggest Competitive Differentiator For Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

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This article recaps our VP Customer Success, Chief Diversity Officer Sydney Archer’s virtual workshop of the same name at SaaStr Annual 2021. Read Trust Part 1: Your Biggest Competitive Differentiator With Customers and Investors.

Prospects, candidates and VCs need to know you’re trustworthy before signing the dotted line. Because once they do, you become a steward of one of their most valued assets—their data and their customers’ data. 

But trust is equally crucial in the war for talent as a company’s reputation and actions become more important to job seekers. Employees are actively looking for workplaces where their everyday activities match the company’s stated values. So how do you cultivate trust to attract and retain talent? 


Create a Culture That Promotes Innovation

Employees are actively looking for workplaces where they see alignment between their values and a company’s stated values. 

Seven years ago, Sydney didn’t hear many questions about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in interviews. She wasn’t quizzed about a company’s position on

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