Top Signs of Identity Theft

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When it comes to identity theft, trust your gut when something doesn’t feel right. Follow up. What you’re seeing could be a sign of identity theft. 

A missing bill or a mysterious charge on your credit card could be the tip of an identity theft iceberg, one that can run deep if left unaddressed. Here, we’ll look at several signs of identity theft that likely need some investigation and the steps you can take to take charge of the situation. 

How does identity theft happen in the first place? 

Unfortunately, it can happen in several ways.  

  • In the physical world, it can happen simply because you lost your wallet or debit card. However, there are also cases where someone gets your information by going through your mail or trash for bills and statements. In other more extreme cases, theft can happen by someone successfully registering a change of address form in your name (although the U.S. Postal Service has security measures in place that make this difficult).  
  • In the digital world, that’s where the avenues of

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