Top GRC Trends to Watch in 2022

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The holiday season and New Year tend to be synonymous with being a time of reflection. You tend to oscillate between looking back on the past year and looking toward the horizon at the year to come and let’s face it, there’s also time spent thinking about the holiday drinks, meals, and sweets you packed away!

As we start another year, I wanted to share my thoughts on the items I think we in the GRC community and the business world as a whole need to keep on our radars for 2022.

Cyber Risk

Cyber risk is clearly going to be number one on the lists of many. You only need to look at the instances of all the data breaches making headlines. You see it in executive orders, plus, cybersecurity is getting tons of new investments. If you need proof, try to hire cybersecurity professionals right now. They are commanding higher salaries, compared to just 18 to 24 months ago. Those last two indications alone shoot this to the top trend for 2022.

Talent Retention and Loss

Let’s face it, companies are struggling to find qualified security and risk professionals and the need for these roles is only growing. The talent loss we saw and are seeing during this Great Resignation is going to continue to be a dramatic risk for many in the business world in 2022. The competition is unlike I’ve never seen before when it comes to hiring and retaining talent, and people are simply just

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