Top GRC Trends in Banking You Need to Know

The governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) landscape that financial institutions must navigate is complex and ever-changing. As a result, banks must stay on top of new regulatory and compliance challenges, while continuing to provide always-available services to their customers. 

We recently gathered GRC leaders in banking to discuss their challenges, trends, and tips for the evolving banking regulatory and compliance ecosystem. Read on to learn valuable insights that can help you create, update, or transform your GRC program.

Meet Our Expert Panelists

Our panelists work throughout the banking industry and are directly involved in the GRC programs at their organizations. Let’s meet our experts before diving into what we learned from them:

Panelists: Laura Buckley, SVP Tech Risk & Compliance at Cadence Bank

Ron Fox, Chief Compliance Officer at United Community Bank

Jake VanDaalwyk, SVP, Director of ERM and Corporate Risk Strategy at Associated Bank Key Takeaways from Our Panelists

Our expert panelists dove deep into methodologies and tactics involved with maturing, scaling, and automating banks’ GRC programs. What can you learn from them to help prepare your GRC program for the future? 

We’ve distilled their advice and experiences into four actionable takeaways, ranging from evolving banking regulations to embracing agility throughout the organization. Let’s explore what they had to say.

Listen to the full conversation here! 

Takeaway #1: Replace Manual, In-House Processes with Advanced GRC Solutions

As a GRC and banking industry leader, Jake VanDaalwyk from Associated Bank often sees mid-size banks struggling to keep pace with

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