Top 3 Ways to Find a Hidden File on a Mac

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Mac computers often have hidden files that you can’t see. Find out the practical ways to find and view the articles with ease in this article. 

Macbooks often have files, directories, and folders in the system backend that maintain smooth functionalities. These files are sensitive and might cause severe system issues if the user alters, moves, or deletes them.

To avoid such issues, Apple

hides the files as a default security measure in the macOS. Though it secures your system, it gets pretty challenging when you want to access them.

We have highlighted options for viewing the invisible files in this article.

Here are the primary ways:

View in Finder

One way of finding invisible folders and files is through the Finder method. It is a powerful tool accessible in the dock section.

Users can open the dock and go to the icon named ‘Finder.’ Proceed to the Macintosh HD under locations. 

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