To Clarify the Meaning CCPA, CPPA Issues Initial Statement of Reasons for New Regs

“Businesses, service providers, and contractors are to comply with not just the letter of the (California Consumer Privacy Act), but the spirit of the law.”

That is according to a new Initial Statement of Reasons issued by the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) that used the word “necessary” 253 times, the word “clarify” 96 times and the word “clear” 66 times.

Here is what you need to know:

“Key Performance Indicators” “The proposed regulations provide comprehensive guidance to consumers, businesses, service providers and third parties on how to implement and operationalize new consumer privacy rights and other changes to the law introduced by the CPRA amendments to the CCPA.”The ISOR does not believe that these regs will have a significant economic impact on the State of California.The Attorney General’s Office can enforce directly against service providers, contractors and third parties.Key points: The CPRA amendments now restrict businesses from collecting, using, retaining and sharing consumer personal information in a manner that is inconsistent with consumer expectations, unless they obtain the consumer’s explicit consent.There is no special registry with the Attorney General’s Office for authorized agents.A price or service difference also requires a notice of financial incentive.A financial payment is not a price or service difference, but it still may be a financial incentive.Collection and Use of Data Businesses may not use consumers’ personal information for disclosed purposes that are unrelated to a consumer’s expectation simply because they are hidden within a lengthy and dense privacy policy.To be reasonably necessary

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