Tips and Tricks for Enterprise IT Risk Assessments

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Did you know that 76% of enterprises lack a clearly defined enterprise IT risk assessment and management strategy? As a result, it’s challenging to get your executive team to buy into your risk management program. 

The hurdle for most companies is nailing down an approach. Do you know the board game Risk? In the Risk game, the goal is simple—you’re out to conquer the world. Players vanquish their enemies with the roll of the dice. But the game can be lengthy and complicated, eating up several hours or even days of your time!

While less fun than the iconic board game, enterprise IT risk assessments are similar. The good news is there are rules, strategies and best practices that guarantee a clear path to victory.

So, even if you don’t use Tugboat Logic, we’ve created this practical list of tips and tricks to support you on your compliance journey.


What Is an Enterprise IT Risk Assessment?

Risk Assessments are mandatory for passing audits and

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