Timing Is Everything

They say timing is everything. 

I’m not sure who “they” are, but examples are seemingly found at dinner parties everywhere where hearsay is thrown about like candy exploding from a piñata. Hours of captivating anecdotal ramblings about how a marriage proposal could have taken a disastrous direction if timing which influenced location didn’t work out, or the story about that choice property in the neighborhood that was scooped up just in the nick of time. I would be remiss to forget the increasingly present cryptocurrency-aficionado chattering on about details of how the timely offloading of their dump truck full of bitcoin worked out prior to a buttclenching dive of market value, and so on…

Think about this for a moment. While time is relative (hat tip to Einstein), time is also constant and consistent. In the world we live in, illicit actors with a wide-array of objectives are also subject to timing as a key indicator of the likelihood of their success. From a domain registration perspective, correlating timelines with current events may instigate some interesting thoughts and opportunities depending on your role in the greater scheme of things.

According to Google trends, interest so far in 2022 for the term ‘abortion’ peaked in early May of this year.

Google Trends: 2022 interest in “Abortion”

For the audience who has been following U.S. news, this peak isn’t surprising. On May 2nd, a copy of the initial draft opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito was leaked. This draft indicated an

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