Time is running out for CentOS 8>

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2 – 4 min read 1909 09/13/2021

But TuxCare can give you four more years.

It came as a shock when RedHat announced that CentOS 8 support would end this year. Organisations who thought they had eight years to plan for its replacement now have less than four months.

Operating CentOS 8 beyond this end-of-life means running without vendor support. This brings significant business risks in terms of compliance, security and availability.

Ironically while CentOS 8 reaches end-of-life soon, support for CentOS 7 is available until 2024. Unfortunately, there is no supported mechanism to downgrade from CentOS 8 to CentOS 7 as a short-term solution.

So what are the options?

The first option is to carry on using unsupported CentOS 8. A business may believe it has the skills and resources for in-house support. So, how hard can it be to monitor new vulnerabilities daily, research relevant ones, investigate their impact, create fixes, test

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