TikTok will store data European users in Ireland from 2023

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TikTok has signed a contract to build a data center in Dublin, Ireland. From 2023, the Chinese social medium will store the data of European users here. With this, the platform hopes to allay concerns about the processing and storage of this data.

That writes Elaine Fox, the head of the department that deals with privacy, in a blog.

Data exchange much more difficult due to the end of the Privacy Shield

Since the European Court of Justice ended the Privacy Shield in the summer of 2020, European and other international companies, including TikTok, have been struggling with issues such as data storage and data exchange. Since then, companies and organizations that process personal data and other data flows of European citizens have to work with model contracts. These are legal documents in which agreements on data storage and security measures are laid down.

In practice, however, this rarely happened. To enforce compliance, the Austrian privacy movement Noyb sent 101 complaints to national regulators in 30 countries. After more than a year and a half of negotiations, the European Union and the US reached an agreement in principle at the end of March. In the coming months, politicians will dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

TikTok under fire for privacy policy

That wasn’t the only thing that bothered TikTok. The Chinese social network has been under fire for some time for its data collection practices. In the Netherlands, there are various parties that demand billions from the company, because it would violate European privacy and consumer legislation. The Consumers’ Association and the Take Back

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