ThreatMapper picks up where Shift Left ends

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Shift left, secure right. Shift left initiatives empower developers and DevOps teams to deliver secure code to production. Once code has been deployed, shift left steps back and ThreatMapper takes over. We recently announced that ThreatMapper is now 100% open source. In this blog post, we explain what ThreatMapper is and how to get started. 

Why do organizations need ThreatMapper?

A large majority of modern applications rely significantly on open source components and third-party dependencies. For example, it’s not uncommon to see 90% of an enterprise application’s code base made up of open source and third-party components vs. 10% built by the enterprise’s developers themselves. But when you push your applications into production, you are responsible for the security and the integrity of the entire application, not just the 10% created within your organization. Here are a few real-world data points to better explain the problem of securing your software:

The industry’s response to this problem of securing software has led

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