ThreatConnect 6.4 allows security operations and CTI analysts to improve threat intelligence process

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ThreatConnect is announcing ThreatConnect 6.4, which introduces new capabilities that allow security operations and cyber threat intelligence (CTI) analysts to get useful context faster during investigations and to better measure team efficiencies.

ThreatConnect combines its Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) and Security Orchestration and Automation platform (SOAR), creating a continuous feedback loop that helps make Intelligence-Driven Operations a reality. This latest product release builds upon the foundation of Intelligence-Driven Operations, empowering the workflow of threat intelligence and security operations teams individually and together.

The 6.4 release helps CTI and security operations center (SOC) teams get more context quickly, enabling faster investigations for both. CTI teams are enabled to more easily build and maintain a dynamic threat library, while updated dashboards allow SOC and IR leaders to accelerate the team’s efficiency. Three new features empower these capabilities:

Explore With CAL to better understand the complex relationships of threat indicators with a graph-based interface into our Collective Analytics Layer Browser Extension V2 to build context around

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