Threat Actors Using Telegram To Build & Spread ‘Eternity’ Malware-as-a-Service

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The cybersecurity experts at Cyble Research Labs detected a new malware-as-a-service called ‘Eternity Project,’ where threat actors can buy custom malware tools according to their needs and purpose.

In addition to being modular, the malware toolkit includes a range of other items and all these items can be purchased separately. Here we have mentioned all the items below:-

Info-stealerCoin minerClipperRansomware programWorm spreader DDoS bot

A dedicated Telegram channel for all of the above is leading the way and it counts over 500 followers. This channel contains release notes, usage instructions, and discussion topics that allow the authors to discuss new features and discuss the direction the software is heading.

Tools’ SummaryInfo-stealer: In over 20 browsers, this tool snatches passwords, credit cards, bookmarks, tokens, cookies, and autofill information. What about its price? Well, it costs $260/year.Miner module: A cost of $90/year is charged for this software, which includes hiding tasks in task manager, auto-restart on termination, as well as persistent startup.Clipper: This tool costs $110, and it will monitor our clipboard for cryptocurrency wallet addresses. It will also replace them with wallet addresses that will be controlled by the owners.Eternity Worm: A single copy of this program costs $390 and can be used to spread malware automatically through the following mediums:-USB driversLocal network sharesLocal filesCloud drivesPython projectsDiscord accountsTelegram accountsEternity ransomware: A module of this nature costs $490, and is considered the most expensive. With this program, you can encrypt documents, photos, and databases using a combination of AES and RSA and it also supports offline encryption

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