Third-Party Hack Leads To Theft Of Patient Data For Over 251,000

An Austin, Texas-based third-party administrator began notifying over 250,000 patients that their data was stolen. (U.S. Air Force)

Austin, Texas-based Bay Bridge Administrators, a third-party administrator of insurance products, recently began notifying more than 251,000 patients that their data was stolen after a network hack in September 2022.

The “network disruption” was first detected on Sept. 5, which prompted BAA to secure the network and engage with an outside cybersecurity firm to investigate. Forensics showed that the attacker had gained access more than a week before being discovered, which enabled them to exfiltrate “certain data” from the network on Sept. 3.

BBA appears to explain the lengthy delay in notifying patients to a “thorough investigation” that concluded on Dec. 5. Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, covered entities have 60 days without undue delay to inform patients of possible data exposure.

The notice uses language to suggest that the breach was not discovered until months after the initial hack and data theft. The Department of Health and Human Services has warned against this type of notice, urging providers to inform patients of possible privacy violations “even if it is initially unclear whether the incident constitutes a breach as defined in the rule.”

For patients tied to BBA, the compromised data was tied to “individuals enrolled in some employment insurance benefits administered” by the business associate in 2022.

The stolen data varied by individual and could include Social Security numbers, contact details, driver’s licenses or

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