The XDR Solution to the Ransomware Problem

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During a ransomware attack, it is critical to detect and respond early and quickly. By decreasing your mean time to detection in identifying the attacker’s behavior, your security team can quickly investigate and respond timely to prevent a ransomware incident. And, if you can interrupt the attacker’s tools, tactics, or techniques early in the process that will force most attackers to abandon the campaign as they cannot progress further along in the “kill chain”.

MITRE maintains a kill chain framework known as MITRE ATT&CK®. The framework models tactics, techniques, and procedures used by malevolent actors. The Enterprise Matrix has categories for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Cloud.

To protect against a ransomware incident, it is important to interrupt the kill chain as early as possible. One way to make it radically simple and fast is to harness the power of XDR (eXtended Detection and Response).

XDR relies on the combination of three solutions to provide the greatest outcome:

An endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution

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