The UAE Personal Data Protection Law 2022 and what it means for your business Part One

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Scope and reach of the PDPL

The UAE PDPL  applies to both controllers and processors that are located in the UAE and process the data of data subjects that reside or outside the UAE. It also covers non-UAE based organisations that process the personal data of UAE data subjects. However small organisations not processing large amounts of personal data may qualify for an exemption from the Data Office. Exemptions will be communicated within the executive regulations.

UAE PDPL Regulator

The data regulator for the UAE PDPL  will be the UAE Data Office acting on behalf of the UAE cabinet and will carry the following responsibilities.

Preparing and publishing policies and regulations as they relate to data protection. Creation and publication of standards for the monitoring and enforcement of the PDPL Put in place systems and processes for complaints and grievances regarding personal data Publishing guidelines and frameworks for the

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