The Three Best Tools You Need to Scan Your Linux System for Malware

Learn about the growing importance of scanning Linux systems for malware, and our favorite tools for doing so.

Why You Need to Protect Your Server against Malware

While Linux Servers are already extremely secure by default, there are extra steps you can and should take if you do have a Linux Server instance running. As with any system, vulnerabilities still exist and can wreak havoc if proper prevention and security best practices are not implemented. Of course, the most well known and most basic security tip people will tell you is to keep up to date with updates and security patches. (As we all should!) However, this will only do so much. Linux being amongst one of the most widely implemented and deployed operating systems makes it an attractive target for cybercriminals trying to steal your information, install malicious files on your system, and even try to run malicious scripts to take control of your system.

Nowadays, there are some people and even organizations who treat security as a secondary measure and sometimes, even treat it as a non-factor. LinuxSecurity values our role in helping you keep your Linux servers safe and secure as much as possible. In order to secure our server along with our data, and furthermore check whether our system has been compromised, we have created a list of the best malware scanners we’ve used over the years that will assist you in checking your system for any malware. This article will explore the

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