The SSL Store interview

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Private Internet Access: What has your journey to your current job been?

CC: It has definitely been an unusual track—from marketing in higher education to writing for technology and cyber security clients at a digital marketing firm to working at The SSL Store. I have three degrees, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism. But my plan is to get some cybersecurity certifications under my belt as well.

My job predominantly within higher education was to research and write on various industries related to the institutions’ academic programs, which included computer science and technology. Then I moved on to a digital marketing agency, where I work for a variety of clients, including some cybersecurity companies—SaaS and MSPs. I learned about cybersecurity and IT security through those experiences, as well as my own research over time.

I started working for The SSL Store as a writer and editor back in 2019. Now, I wear many hats within the company. I’m content manager, but I’ve also been a

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