The Penetration Testing Phases

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An audit or penetration test (pentesting) consists of offensive tests against the existing defense mechanisms in the environment being analyzed. These tests range from exploring the victim’s devices to studying the human factor using social engineering. But…

Why Is It Essential to Perform a Penetration Test?

There are many cases where organizations suffer incidents that could have been avoided if the protection mechanisms had been reinforced at the time. Incidents include events such as information leakage, unauthorized access, or data loss, among many others. The analysis of the protection mechanisms must be a proactive task allowing the pentester (person who carries out the audit) to find their vulnerabilities and provide a solution before a cybercriminal takes advantage of this weakness.

These processes let companies save the money and time required to solve future problems due to the vulnerabilities within applications.

Pentest Steps Process

The Penetration Testing Process begins long before a simulated attack. This will allow ethical hackers to study the system,

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