The ORG Review of 2022

2022 has been a tumultuous year for Digital Rights in the UK. Ebbs in the Political chaos resulted in a flow of unhelpful domestic legislation.

Measures that protect us from Data Discrimination are being eroded as the Government amends UK GDPR Data Protection laws with their Data Protection and Digital Information Bill, aka the Data Discrimination Bill. 

Fear of online harm has reached fever-pitch as Parliament seeks to empower OFCOM with Orwellian powers of censorship over the internet with the encryption breaking ‘Online Safety Bill’.

The hostile environment persists, with Migrants being at the forefront of the UK’s burgeoning surveillance state. Internal data checks and digital barriers exclude people from society. They are pushing more people into an underground economy dominated by criminality, human trafficking, and modern-day slavery.

We also saw a crisis within the surveillance capitalism model of social media, with Meta facing plunging share prices and Twitter going into meltdown. Musk’s takeover surged interest in alternative decentralized models such as Mastodon.

We want a world where neither states nor corporations use digital technology to restrict or remove our human rights; and where technology supports justice, rights, and freedoms to prevail over the narrow interests of the powerful.

So as we work our way through these twelve days of Christmas read on and enjoy our review of 2022.


The Home Office starts the year by blowing half a million on an advertising campaign attacking end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption is relied on by billions of people worldwide to protect their privacy.

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