The Nature of Application Code

Rui Ribeiro is the CEO and founder of Jscrambler, a bootstrap global business that serves over 43,000 customers worldwide. Ribeiro is from Lisbon, Portugal, and specializes in code security. Having led Jscramblers since 2014 from a pure bootstrapped operation to a growing business, Ribeiro continues to serve thousands of customers plus the fortune 500.

Ribeiro’s top line messaging and marketing material shows how he can protect applications against abuse, privacy tampering and code theft, while still using enterprise grade obfuscation and other self defense techniques.

He also weighs in on how those materials do something similar for websites against web supply chain attacks and online fraud while detecting and controlling client side behaviors.

When we are talking about applications and websites, we are basically talking about all mobile or browser apps that use web technologies. We are able to address the security concerns of these applications. But if you think about it, a web application is basically built using two big parts. The first part is the app that the owner of the application builds itself and the first part of the code. The second part is the code that’s brought in from third parties, which is what we’re going to call a “cert particle.”

In this episode of Cybersecurity Unplugged, Ribeiro discusses:

Marketing material in website and application code and how his product works to identify corrupt code;The nature of polymorphic and how Jscrambler deals with it;How the ever expanding threat landscape impacts Jscrambler.

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