The Most Important Area of Cybersecurity? Perhaps Identity and Access Management?

Photo by Vadim Bogulov on UnsplashMicrosoft Entra

Which area of cybersecurity is often not talked about, but it is actually one of the largest areas of development, and is core to the security of our users and organisations? It’s identity and access management. Overall, it is the basic process of proving your identity and then mapping it to your rights on a system — and which is at the core of organisational security. But, our world of authenication is still based on world of mainframe computers and where we had login identifiers and password. But, our digital world is a whole lot more complex than just logging into a single computer system … we now (typically) integrate with the Cloud.

The leader in this field is obviously Microsoft and where their Active Directory infrastructure rules over most corporate systems. But, our world is changing, and where we are generally moving into the Cloud, and towards MFA (Multifactor Authentication), Single Sign-on, and passwordless systems. Along with this, identity is now used to not only provide access control, but supports so many aspects of our lives (such as your login to WhatsApp, Facebook and Amazon). Basically, it’s one reason we created the Blockpass ID Lab in the university — as identity and rights are at the core of rebuilding the Internet.

Distributed IDs, The Cloud and Active Directory

Think about your password for a little while. Don’t you know find it strange these days to have to enter it — along with remembering your user ID? Our world is thus moving towards the removal of

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