The most Epik breach

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Behold! The Worst Breach Response!

In the last five years, I have seen a fair number of breaches and most of them are similarly—notify appropriate authorities, stop any further damage, investigate, and alert affected parties. Of course, these breaches happen more often than we would like to admit, but when a company botches their own response through a series of missteps, that is how we get to the worst breach response in recent history.

A Truly Epik Breach

Epik is a company known for hosting mostly right-wing websites. Because of this, the hacker collective known as Anonymous targeted Epik and over an unknown period of time; infiltrated their servers; and collected all the information they could, hundreds of gigabytes of data. Everything from payments, hosting information, customer information, and more was revealed when Anonymous dumped the data for the public to see. This happened on September 13th of 2021, but the data appeared to originate from February of the same year.

When this dump happened,

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