The Malaysia PDPA Guide for Business

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PDPA was introduced to increase consumer confidence in commerce and e-commerce in the face of the ever-increasing number of credit cards and to detect identity theft and sales fraud involving unauthorized users. PDPA stipulates a set of data protection principles, and data controllers must always abide by these principles when collecting, processing or disclosing personal data of Malaysian citizens. General principles-PDPA’s general principles require that personal data should not be processed unless such data is used for a legitimate purpose directly related to the activities of the data user, is necessary or directly related to this purpose, and the information is sufficient. And it is not excessive and related to this goal.    

However, it should be noted that DPA specifically allows data users to process confidential personal data of employees without the explicit consent of employees if the processing is necessary to ensure compliance with the rights or obligations granted or imposed by law on the use of employees employment data. PDPA does not apply

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