The Importance of Web Penetration Testing

Grey Box

Like the combination of black and white colors results in grey, the grey box test combines black and white box tests. Here, the penetration expert typically has some knowledge about the target but not detailed information as in a white box test. The company may offer basic information that an attacker could typically obtain as a starting point for the test. Each test method is for different functions based on clientele and security auditors. Black box tests are customized to resemble an attack from adversaries, which can provide vital information about how a company’s vulnerability is evaluated and exploited externally. In contrast, white box tests are thorough and can be used for penetration testing across all clients’ web applications

Methods of Web Penetration Testing

Just as penetration tests differ, the methods of deploying these tests to assess systems also differ. This is why it is challenging to identify a general approach used by all and sundry. Instead, a general overview of web penetrating methods can describe the steps in deploying a web penetration test.

The methods are reconnaissance, scanning, vulnerability assessment, exploitation, and access maintenance & reporting.

i. Reconnaissance

A web penetration test often starts with reconnaissance, where the tester learns about the target as much as possible. This covers details about their operations, systems, and organizational structure. Specifically, information like the network topology, user accounts, operating systems and applications, and other relevant data are gathered. This knowledge could provide insight into prospective attack vectors.

Reconnaissance may be limited

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