The importance of SAP® Read Access Log in times of GDPR

The protection of corporate intellectual property is becoming more and more important in times of cybercrime. As Intellectual property is stored in the IT systems of companies Networks and IT systems today need comprehensive protection. This remains an eternal race against ever-new vectors of attack. In addition to intellectual property of companies, personal data in particular is another important area of sensitive data. These must not only be protected against unauthorised access from the outside but also from within the company.

Verticals like hospitals need to protect access to patient data, banks and insurance companies and across all verticals, organizations need to protect sensitive data from unauthorised access. The Data Protection Act of the EU underpins this and provides, inter alia, penalties for non-compliance or failure to take protective measures in the handling of personal data. Read access to sensitive data must be logged. Last but not least, intellectual property and personal data are available in SAP® systems. SAP offers its customers the so-called SAP

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