The Importance of NOM 151 for Electronic Signatures

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The Importance of NOM 151 for Electronic Signatures E-SignatureCompliance Daniel Mancera Wed, 03/30/2022 – 01:00 E-Signature

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Digitization, also called digital transformation, has led Mexico and many other countries to legislate regarding digital documents and electronic signatures. This is how the Official Mexican Standard on NOM-151-SCFI-2016 came to be published in the official gazette of the federation. This standard is better known as NOM 151, and it includes “requirements that must be met for the storage of data messages and digitization of documents.”

In general, this standard helps to assess whether electronic documents that include an electronic signature have been altered or not after being e-signed. In order to do that, certain third parties duly authorized by the Ministry of Economy (known as Certification Service Providers or PSCs) participate within the e-signature process, by issuing a Conservation Certificate. Courts or regulators examining a specific transaction later in time, who find that a Conservation Certificate has been issued in connection with a specific signed electronic document, should conclude such an electronic document has not lost integrity after its execution.

What is a NOM and why was NOM 151 created?

The NOMs are mandatory technical regulations, which are issued by different relevant agencies. Its

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