The Importance of Marketing Cybersecurity on LinkedIn And Other Social Mediums

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Several years back, LinkedIn asked me to pen a blog on the perspectives of using social media and an outreach medium as a security practitioner. The blog was titled, “Why LinkedIn is an Indispensable Medium for Security Professionals,” and it garnered much attention. The theme of my writing was that LinkedIn had become part of the fabric of how I (and a majority of my security world peers) communicate, operate and conduct business. 

Why LinkedIn?

I noted in my blog that in my world of cybersecurity/security and working with federal government agencies and private sector companies that LinkedIn had become a great resource. I had found that the security oriented LinkedIn groups facilitated open discussions that involve current and ex-NSA/DoD/DHS (and law enforcement) professionals who use the platforms regularly. By following and interacting with pertinent posts, I gained the latest news on topics such as cybersecurity technologies, threats, policies and trends from a variety of expert sources with exceptional insights.

I also highlighted that LinkedIn proved invaluable for marketingAs a subject matter expert, public speaker, government relations and marketing executive, I have worked with the C-Suites and boards of several security related companies and organizations. I elaborated on how social mediums help brand products and/or services and that for marketing, messaging on LinkedIn is immediate, perpetual and cost-effective, and that Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can also be useful for outreach and branding, depending on your target audiences.

Please see: Why LinkedIn is an Indispensable Medium for Security Professionals

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