“The Impact of Mobile Threats on SMBs: 10 Simple Ways to Empower Your Company.”

By Wendy Taccetta, SVP, Small and Medium Business for Verizon Business

The shift in our hybrid and remote working world and the increase in mobile device use allow for a bigger attack surface — with more locations and devices expanding vulnerabilities. No matter what type of business you are—whether a city-wide pizzeria chain to the local hair & nail salon and spa—you must be prepared today to address cybersecurity issues from every perspective. Mobile devices provide an entry point for a wide range of attacks, with bad actors increasingly finding innovative ways to exploit and manipulate users and information — potentially exposing data and disrupting operations.

According to the 2022 Verizon Mobile Security Index (MSI), extensive mobile use and the increase in mobile and IoT devices resulted in a 22% increase in data or system downtime. Additionally, 52% of respondents said they have sacrificed the security of mobile devices to “get the job done.” In retail, almost nine out of 10 businesses are concerned that a mobile security breach could have a lasting impact on their brand or customer loyalty and 41% of respondents said mobile presents a daunting security challenge.

The Biggest Threats to the Smallest Companies: The More You Know

While being mobile (and untethered) presents many benefits, SMBs still need to be aware, alert and keep their defenses up.

Think before you click. (Phishing and mobile devices). Did you know that in 2021, 83% of organizations experienced a successful email-based phishing attack compared to 46%

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