The Global Impact of Digital Transformation

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Rudy Shoushany has wide experience in the information technology field, particularly in the financial sector with over 20 years of experience which gives him the ability to aid organizations. His specialty is in ICT governance, compliance, strategies, and cybersecurity in digital transformation of fintechs. Shoushany has been an active speaker, board member, coach and mentor for startups. He is also the host and moderator of the DXTalk Series, a Digital Transformation talk show, for which he has been selected as a top 50 Global Thought Leader and Influencer.

As we’re all rushing madly toward the fourth industrial revolution, it is putting tremendous pressure on cybersecurity efforts. Rudy Shoushany, an expert in digital transformation strategy weighs in on what digital transformation means and where we stand in terms of progress on the digital transformation journey.

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new, or even disrupt the current business processes, the culture, customer experience, to meet those ever changing business and market requirements.

In this episode of Cybersecurity Unplugged, Shoushany discusses:

How to tackle the global talent shortage;The differences in the UAE and the US’s approach to digital transformation;How adopting a digital transformation strategy can solve the problems our world is facing.

CLICK HERE for a full transcript of the conversation.

Steve King 00:13
Good day everyone, I’m Steve King, the managing director of cyber theory. Today’s episode is going to focus on digital transformation and its global impact. Joining me today is Rudy Shoshone, the founder of dx talks and a top 100 thought leader on digital transformation. With a 20 year background in financial services technology leadership in both United Arab Emirates and Middle East and North Africa, Rudy also serves on the Osaka board, and sits on the strategy committee for digital transformation and Lebanon. So welcome, really, I’m glad you could join me today.

Rudy Shoushany 00:58
Thank you for the invite. Really pleasure for me to be on this podcast today to try to really enhance the meaning of digital transformation and try to lightly touch base and

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