The future of data protection in the EU's digital market strategy

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After years of preparing for and implementing the EU General Data Protection Regulation, policymakers in the region are far from finished with the broader regulation of digital realm. Earlier this year, the European Commission announced its ambitious digital strategy and, over the course of 2021, it released a host of draft legislation to undergird what it calls the coming “digital decade.” The intent of the strategy is to cultivate a healthy digital marketplace in the EU for personal and non-personal data alike. 

The list isn’t short. Brussels has been busy this fall. Proposed laws include the Digital Governance Act, Digital Services Act, Digital Markets Act and the Data Act. Other proposals include the draft AI regulation and Cybersecurity Act. And, of course, let’s not forget about the ePrivacy Regulation, which was originally meant to go into force along with the GDPR back in 2018. 

This complex digital framework will ultimately develop alongside the GDPR and affect the privacy profession in potentially novel ways. Yet,

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