The Future of Attack Surface Management: How to Prepare

By David Monnier, Team Cymru Fellow

To stay ahead of threat actors, organizations must monitor their attack surfaces continuously, maintain accurate and updated asset inventories, and judge which vulnerabilities to patch for the most significant risk reduction.

At Team Cymru, we have spent decades developing solutions to help organizations better understand adversaries by mapping their infrastructure; it’s now time for us to equip our customers with the adversary view of their own.

We are providing the home-field advantage to proactively defend their critical data and infrastructure. This article looks at our vision of the future of attack surface management (ASM) and the tools needed to understand and manage cyber risk.

What the Future of ASM looks like

Each hour that passes after threat actors breach your defenses allows them to extract more and more valuable data and learn how you respond to certain types of attacks. A delayed response can cost your organization millions when it comes to cyberattacks. But speed alone is not enough.

ASM begins with a deep understanding of threats and vulnerabilities; this is where Team Cymru is truly unrivaled with another Pure Signal Orbit stablemate. Our Pure Signal™ Recon platform gathers signals from across the globe and has been the recognized leader in this space for many years. It provides security teams visibility far beyond their internal infrastructure and provides the ability to trace threats more than a dozen hops to their source.

After IPs associated with confirmed malicious activities are added to a dynamic

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