The Forecast Is Flipped: Flipping L&D Enables Managers to Be Impact Multipliers

Last updated at Fri, 27 May 2022 17:07:48 GMT

At Rapid7, we recognize that managers are at the heart of our mission and are central to optimizing the potential of our people. So naturally, focusing on the growth and development of our manager population became critical to productivity, engagement, retention, and creating strong teams, as well as Rapid7’s overall success. From there, Manager Bootcamp 1.0 was created.

The history of Manager Boot Camp

The original, fully in-person program targeted newly hired or promoted managers and consisted of eight modules that ran over the course of two full days. The modules focused on the key skills managers would need to successfully manage a team at Rapid7, including sessions like coaching, delegation, team building, goal setting, feedback, and engagement, as well as an introduction to key partnerships and the overview of tactical elements and processes. The structure of the lessons was a blend of lectures, breakout activities, and group discussions.

Then the pandemic hit and historical face-to-face teaching practices were no longer an option. Overnight, all of People Dev’s sessions had to transform into virtual instructor-led sessions (VILT). Quickly realizing that two full days of online learning wouldn’t have the same impact or engagement as the previous live sessions, the team began the process of re-engineering the learning experience. In the spirit of Challenging Convention, over the course of 2020 and 2021, a variety of program formats were created, trialed, and iterated upon: A cohort model was introduced, both a 10- and five-week format were

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