The FAIR Model: An Objective Approach to Risk Measurement

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With the right tools, companies can move from a subjective approach to cyber risk management to one that is more objective using historical data and subject matter expertise. Cyber risk quantification using the Open FAIR™ model is one of the tools that support informed decision-making for risk assessment and treatment. Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of presenting during LogicGate’s Agility 2021 conference. Below, we share some of the key highlights from our session, “FAIR Executive Overview.” 

What is the FAIR model?

The FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) model enables organizations to quantify the impact of cyber risks so they can be managed consistently. By translating the impact of cyber threats into dollars and cents, stakeholders can better understand their risk posture and make risk-informed decisions. 

Complementary to existing frameworks such as ISO, COSO, NIST, and others, cyber risk quantification provides the information and clarity needed to make better-informed decisions. When you use FAIR for risk analysis, you can consistently identify, measure, analyze

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