The Complexity Problem

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The New Brand of Flashing Red

The flashing red lights that CSOs are seeing on their security dashboards these days is a strong indicator that we have shifted states – we are now in a constant state of flashing red.

And the brand of flashing red has also changed.

Most of our cybersecurity defenses are easily bypassed and malware is able to sit inside a compromised network undetected for months collecting and exfiltrating massive amounts of data.

The fact that we don’t know what’s going on is the frightening part.

A Pileup of Problems

And as we stand in the middle of an expanding threat landscape with very little knowledge about our adversaries, their tactics and techniques, the threat vectors in use and our own critical assets, we try to make decisions with vast amounts of imperfect data.

Our networks have become hopelessly complicated, our defensive tools may or may not counter each other’s efficacy, our attempts at finding the best software solutions are

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