The case for converged continuous compliance

Traditionally, compliance has been perceived as a box-checking exercise, with many organizations often viewing it as separate from security. The result has been a lack of synergy between these critical components and a suboptimal approach to risk management.

Today, the concept of converged continuous compliance offers a transformative way to bridge this gap and maximize the value of compliance efforts. Let’s explore the limitations of traditional compliance and how converging risk, compliance, and security functions in real-time can enhance an organization’s security posture.

The limitations of traditional compliance management

Compliance has always been treated as a periodic process, with organizations scrambling to meet regulatory requirements and pass audits. This reactive approach has the following drawbacks:

Limited security value: As compliance efforts focus on meeting specific regulatory requirements, they often fail to holistically address the organization’s security, leaving potential vulnerabilities unaddressed.Outdated information: Traditional compliance processes operate on a fixed schedule, often with annual or quarterly assessments. This results in outdated information that may not accurately reflect the organization’s current risk exposure.Resource-intensive: The manual and time-consuming nature of traditional compliance efforts places a significant burden on organizations, diverting resources from more proactive security measures.Inefficient use of data: Traditional compliance processes often operate in isolation from other risk management functions, leading to siloed data and a lack of enterprisewide visibility into potential threats.

How real-time automated compliance can help

The way to unlock the true potential of compliance lies in converging risk, compliance, and security functions in real-time. By aligning these areas, organizations can achieve converged continuous compliance, which

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