The business case for security strategy and architecture

The business benefits of developing an information security strategy and accompanying security architecture/design include: Being proactive, taking the lead in this area – more puppeteer than puppet;Designing a framework or structure to support the organisation’s unique situation and needs;Positioning and guiding the management of information risk and security within other aspect of the organisation’s architecture/design e.g. its IT and information architecture (showing information flows, networked systems, databases, services etc.), complementing and supporting various other business strategies and architectures such as cloud first, artificial intelligence, IIoT, big data, new products, new markets …);Providing a blueprint, mapping-out and clarifying the organisational structure, governance arrangements and accountabilities for information risk and security relative to other parts of the business such as IT, physical security, Risk, legal/compliance, HR, operations, business continuity, knowledge management …; Defining a coherent sequence or matrix of strategic initiatives (projects, investments, business and technology changes …) over the next N years, embedding information risk management ever deeper into the fabric of the organisation and strengthening the information security arrangements in various ways (e.g. systematically phasing-out and replacing aged/deprecated security technologies while researching, piloting and then adopting new ones such as blockchain and post-quantum crypto);Driving the development and maturity of the information risk and security management function, covering its priorities, internal structure and external working relationships, governance etc.; Bringing clarity and direction (focus!), reducing complexity and uncertainty associated with myriad ‘other options’ that are discounted or put on hold;Seizing opportunities to align and support various departments, processes, systems, partners, projects/initiatives, budgets, plans

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