The best security keys of 2023: Expert tested

In terms of securing your online accounts, there is no better option than utilizing hardware-based two-factor authentication security keys. While practicing good password hygiene is a crucial step in protecting your digital life, certain online accounts — such as your Google or Dropbox accounts — may contain a significant amount of sensitive information that warrants additional measures.

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Security keys offer an added layer of security that keeps hackers from accessing your accounts. Even if a hacker has obtained your username and password, they will still be unable to gain access to your data without the proper security key.

Not only are security keys affordable and user-friendly, they also prevent phishing attacks and are significantly more secure than SMS-based two-factor authentication. Additionally, security keys come in a variety of formats, making them compatible with any device you may have.

Let’s take a look at the best security keys currently available.

Pros Broad versatility NFC makes it compatible with both iPhone and Android devices Cons Expensive, especially if you need two


USB-A and NFC compatibility Compact design No battery required Water- and dust-resistant Tamper-resistant FIDO certified Multi-protocol support Compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices through NFC

The YubiKey 5 NFC combines the ubiquity of USB-A with the versatility of wireless NFC, enabling broad compatibility with a wide range of

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