The best personal safety alarms of 2023

Birdie+ features: Same pin-pull activation as the original Birdie alarm | 0.25 inches shorter than the original | Instant, 24/7 access to a Live Support Rep | Request and receive an “Excuse-to-Leave” call | Location sharing with emergency contacts | Six-month long battery life

Following the success of the original Birdie alarm, the company recently rolled out a more compact, feature-rich successor, the Birdie+. The Birdie+ embodies the sleek look and fun colors of the original, and it has the same pull-apart pin-activated alarm function. But being 0.25 inches shorter, it’s even more compact. 

Unlike the 1st-generation alarm, the Birdie+ uses Bluetooth and an app connection (both for iOS and Android) to enable 24/7 internet connection with access to a live emergency support line. The line can dispatch first responders directly to your location or just remain on the phone with you until you feel safe as a precautionary measure. 

Additionally, you can request an “excuse to leave call” to swiftly remove yourself from sketchy situations while immediately sharing your location with designated contacts. With one discrete tap on the button, you’ll get an immediate pre-recorded excuse-to-leave call. The Birdie+  may have ditched the circular strobe light, but the tap-to-control button provides easy access to the live support features, so you won’t have to fumble through the phone app. 

The Birdie+’s upgraded connectivity does come at a price — on top of the $39.95 for the hardware, there’s an added $89.99 annual or $8.99 monthly subscription fee. If

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