The Benefits of Bug Bounty Programs

Ethical hacking might sound contradictory, but leveraging the skills of the ‘white hat’ hacker community has done a great deal for safety and security on the internet. Nowhere does this show more than through so-called bug bounty programs created to tackle different issues within the code. Many bug bounty programs focus on identifying issues within software or applications. However, others like ExpressVPN’s Bug Bounty focus on server or website vulnerabilities.

The Benefits of Open Source (and Its Primary Challenge)

With the rapid development and sustainable iterations, open-source software (OSS) libraries and frameworks have been in massive demand. There are few traditional proprietary software that can match the fast-track development cycle using OSS.

Additionally, it helps to pull down costs and reduce the time-to-market cycle by cutting down on time needed for custom coding. Instead, it mines existing OSS, which can be quickly shared, modified, and copied.

While proprietary coding is far from dead, OSS now plays a huge role in the market. According to statistics:

Both LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) and MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js) development stacks have become hugely popular, Android, one of the most popular Linux kernel operating systems on the market, runs on 85% of the world’s smartphones, Linux also powered three quarters of the public cloud workload over the pandemic.

Statistics on the use of OpenSource suggest up to 70% of the world’s code databases are drawing on OpenSource. That’s impressive, but that means any risk related

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