The 4 best travel VPNs of 2022

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Of all the situations you might find yourself in when using a VPN, perhaps the one where your VPN is at its most mission critical is when you’re traveling. When you’re away from home, you’re dependent on whatever communication infrastructure exists where you are. That might be a solid, secure infrastructure, or it might be one that’s insecure, or even one designed by the host government where you’re located to siphon up every last bit of information about you that it can.

VPNs create secure tunnels that should allow you to get back to your home network resources, whether that’s a public cloud in your home country or your corporate server. They protect your ability to conduct whatever financial transactions you need to make while traveling. They may even protect your identity from stalkers or local organized crime that might be looking for an executive to kidnap and ransom. 

Keep in mind that VPNs are illegal in some countries, precisely because the host government wants to snoop on all traffic. Make sure you check into local laws before you do something that may be frownNed upon, possibly with quite serious consequences.

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Sure, VPNs can also let you stream your movies from your home services while away, but they serve a much more serious purpose when on the road. Choose carefully.

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