Telegram is gaining popularity as an alternative to the darknet

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Telegram is easier to find buyers and share stolen data than darknet forums.

Telegram is rapidly gaining popularity among cybercriminals as a platform for the sale and exchange of stolen data and hacking tools. This is the conclusion reached by the specialists of the information security group Cyberint based on the results of an investigation conducted in conjunction with the Financial Times.

According to Cyberint analyst Tal Samra, recently the use of Telegram by cybercriminals has increased by 100%.

“An encrypted messaging service is becoming increasingly popular among fraud and data selling attackers […] because it is more user-friendly than the darknet,” Samra explained.

According to Cyberint, the number of mentions of the terms “Email: pass” and “Combo”, denoting stolen credentials for sale, in Telegram has quadrupled over the past year and reached about 3.4 thousand.

On one of the public Telegram channels called “combolist”, with more than 47 thousand subscribers, hackers sell or exchange large amounts of data, including hundreds of thousands of leaked passwords and

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