Teen from England mastermind behind Lapsus$ hacker group

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Teen from England mastermind behind Lapsus$ hacker group

Cybersecurity researchers from Microsoft and Nvidia traced the recent Lapsus$ hacks on these companies to a teenager in Oxford. The sixteen-year-old is said to still live with his mother but is the mastermind behind the attacks. Bloomberg reports this.

Investigators traced some major hacks to the teen in recent months using forensic clues within the companies. They also relied on public information, such as information on social media.

In total, the research group identified seven unique accounts within Lapsus$. In addition to the teenager in England, a teenager from Brazil is associated with the hacker group. Authorities have not yet charged these teens.

Method Lapsus$

At first, the cybersecurity researchers believed that much of Lapsus$’s hacks were automated. However, the teenager turned out to be working manually. He is simply very skilled and fast.

Lapsus$ is also known for its brutality. For example, the hackers make fun of their victims online when they leak source codes or internal documents. They even go so far as to invade Zoom calls between employees of the affected companies.

Hackers collective itself not properly secured

Online, the teen is known by the aliases ‘White’ and ‘breachbase’. However, his real identity has not been well protected. Two of the researchers stated that the entire Lappus$ group lacks operational security. Cybersecurity companies can very easily retrieve personal information from members.

Microsoft writes in a blog post: “Unlike most hacker groups that remain hidden, DEV-0537 does not seem to be hiding its tracks”. DEV-0537 is the name Microsoft has given to Lapsus$. Microsoft further states that the group “even announces their attacks

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